Glasses that give you HD POV video for under $100


It is amazing how cameras are shrinking more and more. The first GoPro shipped in 2004 and less than 10 years later, we can have the same camera built into glasses for a unique perspective. They are selling in Japan for 8890 yen or about $91 US dollars. Crazy cheap.

Check out the website: – They got some great pictures, even a demo video toward the bottom of the page. I gotta thank CNET for the discovery. Here was the article I found about these glasses.

It used to be that you would have a huge bulky camera that you would need to strap on to cars or awkwardly mount to helmets. Now, I can just hand over a pair of glasses and tell the talent to go for it. All in HD.

Tools may keep changing, but the art of storytelling never does.

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